Ways to Use It

Consider some of the many ways GoToMeeting
can benefit your business.

Boost Employee Productivity.

  • Easily collaborate with remote team members.
  • Integrate online meetings into your regular in-person meetings.
  • Complete projects faster by holding online review sessions.

For company-wide all-hands meetings, use GoToWebinar.

Increase Sales.

  • Turn sales calls into instant demos in one click.
  • Qualify prospects by conducting online presentations.
  • Review sales agreements online.

Consult from Anywhere.

  • Keep clients up to date while avoiding costly on-site visits.
  • Securely share documents, designs and project plans online.
  • Use Drawing Tools to highlight main ideas on-screen.

Reduce Training Costs.

  • Update remote customers and employees without traveling.
  • Host training sessions more frequently – at the same low rate.
  • Provide hands-on experience by sharing keyboard and mouse control.

For a more comprehensive training solution, use GoToTraining.

Provide Online Support.

  • Share your client's desktop to resolve technical issues.
  • Collaborate with colleagues on a customer's problem.

Do you frequently support customers online? Try GoToAssist Remote Support.

Customer Stories

Hear what our customers have to say about GoToMeeting.

Emily Green

Emily Green, President
Belhawk Systems
Millbury, MA

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