How It Works

With GoToWebinar you can conduct do-it-yourself webinars with up to 1,000 people – all for one flat rate. Reduce travel while reaching larger audiences around the world. See How(1 min 21 sec)

  • Set up a webinar in minutes – without IT support.
  • Generate more qualified marketing leads – for less.
  • Present to hundreds of people from your Mac or PC.
  • New! Enhance your presentation with HD video conferencing*.

Schedule your webinar.

Log in to and click Schedule a Webinar. Fill in the title, description and date fields – that's it. GoToWebinar automatically creates your invitation and registration. You can even hold private practice sessions to help prepare.

Invite people to register.

GoToWebinar will send you your webinar invitation. To invite others, simply click Forward in your email account, customize your subject line and list recipient emails in the BCC field. Recipients can register by clicking the Register Now button in the invitation.

Start your webinar.

On, click My Webinars, then click the Start Webinar button next to the session you'd like to launch. Click Show My Screen to start screen sharing.

Choose your audio preference.

Once your attendees have arrived, each person can choose to use their computer's mic and speakers (VoIP or call in via phone).

Turn on your webcam & share with your audience.

Convey more of your personality and give your audience a more dynamic presentation with built-in HDFaces* video conferencing. Just click the blue webcam button on the control panel to show your face to the audience.

Evaluate using reports.

GoToWebinar generates reports measuring attendance, audience engagement, survey results and more. Just log in to your account, click Generate Reports and then click the report you want to generate.

*Only presenters and panelists can stream webcam video during webinars. HD video conferencing is currently available in sessions using the GoToWebinar 100-attendee plan. It is also in beta for the GoToWebinar 500- and 1,000-attendee plans.

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"GoToWebinar is helping us add a new revenue stream."

— Rob Nance, Publisher,
AccountingWEB, Inc.

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